Positive Affirmations are speaking statements of higher thought and energy such as;

"I Love and Approve of My Body"

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Ball Chi Fitness International’s mission is to transform and heal lives worldwide with our Spirit, Mind, and Body Fitness systems. Ball Chi Fitness teaches techniques within the home aimed at strengthening the family unit through implementing our three synergistic systems. We have designed our systems to release stress and enhance the overall work environments in the corporate business world.  Ball Chi Fitness is for Men, Women and, most importantly, our Youth. We believe that a family and a business that incorporates a healthy lifestyle Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically will be successful in all areas of their lives for generations to come.

Carla, a professional Hair Stylists, came to Ball Chi Fitness with some physical pain within her body as most of our students do. Still in her early 50’s, she decided that she needed to take a proactive approach to improving her health & wellness in opposition to western systems of healing. Within 10 short weeks she rid herself of pain and shed the medical braces she relied on to help her continue in her daily business. Today she remains pain free as a result of learning the three pillars of our Ball Chi principles!

Young and beautiful, Glynnis, a skilled Esthetician, was recently involved in a car accident which doctor’s said she would not be able to be as active as she once was before. Refusing to accept her prognosis, she joined Ball Chi Fitness being personally guided and trained by Charlene Renee and eventually regained her mobility in contrast to the opinions of medical professionals! Ball Chi Fitness is more than a system to improve the body, it addresses the individual within three pillars of principle in Spirit, Mind, and Body, thus providing a long standing transformation unlike any other know system today.

Ball Chi Fitness - DVD - Series 1 For Women

Our women’s Ball Chi Fitness Series 1 DVD, accompanied by our membership subscription, is designed to transform you in the privacy and comfort of your home.

If you believe that Ball Chi Fitness is the new revolutionary fitness system perfect for your Spirit, Mind, Body Transformation, then order your copy today!

For more information regarding the benefits of this series, please read the Women’s Fitness page. Live testimonials and transformations are throughout the website to  provide references.

Purchase Series 1 Today!

Ball Chi Fitness Testimonials

Ball Chi Fitness Team

Charlene Renee

President & Founder

Creator and Founder of Ball Chi Fitness International with over 20 Years Experience as a Professional Trainer crenee@ballchifitness.com

Dave Jordan

Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor of Ball Chi Fitness International Advisory Board and BCF Affiliate Partner djordan@ballchifitness.com

B.C. Marshall

V.P. International Sales & Marketing

Recruits, Trains, and Manages an International Network of Sales Managers and Instructors bcmarshall@ballchifitness.com

Scott Bischoff

Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor of Ball Chi Fitness International Advisory Board and BCF Affiliate Partner sbischoff@ballchifitness.com

Kelly Dee Barr

V.P. of Multimedia

Dedicated Filmmaker and Photographer providing Exclusive Content and Design Services kbarr@ballchifitness.com

Dr. Ghazelle Kontumblel

Ayurvedia Health Practioner

Providing Ayurvedic Healing Services and Natural Healthy Alternatives to Modern Medicine drghazelle@ballchifitness.com