About Us

Ball Chi Fitness International is a Spirit-Mind-Body transformation fitness system. We have proven maximum results and relevancy between aligning these three components. The Ball Chi Fitness System was created as a vehicle to achieve overall optimum Health and Wellness. Ball Chi Fitness provides Meditation (for the spirit), Body Affirmations (for the mind) and Fitness Training (for the body). Ball Chi Fitness International provides several unique and diverse services based all around the same Spirit-Mind-Body philosophies. We believe that in order to truly transform your life you must become accountable for the life choices that you are currently creating. Once you have become accountable for your thoughts and actions then you are ready to release all of the limitations that have you stuck in low energy vibrations, high stress levels, and an unhealthy state emotionally and physically. Ball Chi Fitness has successfully created the tools and techniques to guide you to your highest state of transformation with life changing results.

How do you know if Ball Chi Fitness is the right system for you?

If you are currently suffering from any of these symptoms or life challenges then Ball Chi Fitness is your resource.

  • High stress levels, heart disease ( #1 silent killer in the U.S. currently)
  • Anxiety, fear, depression
  • Anger, resentment, guilt
  • Negative thoughts and emotions towards others and self
  • Emotional eating, food addiction
  • Low energy, fatigue, loss of flexibility
  • Chronic pain,  or aches and pains
  • Excess unwanted weight and inches
  • Muscle atrophy, weak kagel muscles
  • Decrease in your sex drive
  • Poor posture with limited core strength
  • Unable to jump around and do high impact routines (due to age or injuries)
  • If you dislike the gym environment and endless hours of training

If any of this resonates with you, we invite you to become part of our movement. Join Ball Chi Fitness now by clicking “Start Your Transformation” below or by subscribing to our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/ballchifitness and getting on our newsletter list. We offer many transformal services both locally and internationally that will keep you educated and informed. Please see additional services throughout our website.

Positive Affirmations are supportive verbal compliments such as “I love and approve of my body” or “Money comes easily to me everyday” in which you learn to resonate until it becomes a natural habit. This raises your vibrational level promoting greater joy and thankfulness for your amazing body and gifted talents. Through Ball Chi, you will learn and create positive affirmations specifically chosen for your areas of growth and enhancement, actively shaping your personal awareness of yourself and others while releasing stress from your life.